What Constitutes Other Certificates:

Other certificates from us include death certificates, birth certificates, university diplomas, marriage certificates, baptismal certificates and all you may need. In case you lost your marriage certificate through a natural disaster, fire accidents, hurricanes …. we are here for you. Our advanced diplomas will get you promotion at your job place. We deliver even death certificates to represent missing loves ones. Our certificates are are legit and we can insert the records in the required constituency at an extra cost if necessary. To apply for any certificate you may need from our service, just contact us through our web service and Apply through our application form for other certificates. Make sure you precise the kind of certificate you want. Also, stay in touch with our customer service to readily supply any further information relevant to the production of your certificate. Remember to correctly fill in your postal address on our application form to avoid postal complications.

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Birth and Death Certificates:

A birth certificate is a person’s first identity document. Certified birth certificates are needed for proof of employment, U.S. passport applications, school enrollment, Social Security cards, and other forms of identification. Birth certificates are forgery-resistant documents printed on safety paper with watermarks, engraving, background security patterns and sequential numbers.

A hospital birth is transmitted electronically by the hospital to the local health department.  This is usually done within five days. When a birth occurs outside a hospital, the person in attendance is required to file the birth with the local health department. Please contact our office for procedure to file a home birth.

A death certificate is the legal proof of death. It is used by the government to terminate benefits, settle estates and provide entitlements to families.

Most of the information needed to complete the death certificate is obtained from the family of the deceased. A physician must complete the cause of death information and sign the death certificate. The funeral director files the completed certificate with the local health department in the county where the death occurred.

At global documents we make acquisition of the birth certificate and death certificate very easy. Here you can simply buy one by contacting us and applying on our application form


University degrees and College Diplomas Without School.

Welcome to the only place where you can buy UK and other university degrees without having to go to college. You know very well that without the papers to show that you have gone to school, you will not advance up the career ladder. So many other people find it difficult to get good jobs with poor transcripts. Here is where you also get transcripts and recommendations fixed. You can also use these documents to apply for higher institutes and scholarships.

Most of the questions that bother people include where they can find another job if they lose the one they have. In fact, research suggests that out of, say, 1500 people, a third of them are always worried about losing their jobs. It is such worries that prompted us to come up with viable solutions by offering accredited degree, at a small fee.

We liaise with a few reliable UK, Canadian, American, Colombian, and Swedish Universities with real campuses. However, for confidential reasons, we cannot disclose their names here, the same way that we would not disclose your name to anyone if you buy a degree certificate from us.

Buy Marriage Certificates Online.

If anyone has ever gotten married part of the process is obtaining a license. Afterwards, a final marriage certificate comes in the mail. Did you ever consider that Marriage Certificates were really records? A marriage record contains vital information regarding the two parties that unite in matrimony.

What about foreign countries and the Marriage Certificate? Well, certified copies are the only form of marriage certificate that can be legalized for use in foreign territories. What’s more the certified copy usually has to be a recently issued document. Therefore, if you have plans for any activity overseas in these areas then only certified copies will get you through.

In the United States of America, certified copies of a Marriage Certificate are issued at the county or state level. Bear in mind that the importance of having this document Apostilled is that this method provides proof and confirms the signature of the official as accurate. 

Our marriage certificate service at global documents supply legalized marriage certificates for couples all over the world. What you need to do is to Apply Here and provide us with the necessary information.

What a Marriage License Contains:

marriage record has information about the couple to be married. You will find on the record for example basic information including the names of the individuals, the date of the ceremony and the location. Some licenses include the country of origin of the parties and even the parents of the couple. There will also be a section for witnesses.

  • The date that the marriage took place.
  • The bride and groom’s full names.
  • Their ages (Please note: age given is as stated by bride/groom may not be accurate).
  • Condition at marriage, i.e. widowed, divorced, or single.
  • Their profession.
  • Their residence.
  • The bride and groom’s fathers’ names.
  • The bride and groom’s fathers’ occupations.
  • Names of witnesses.

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