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Will I have any problems with traffic police using a drivers licence from you?

It depends. If you buy a real registered drivers licence, you will have no problems. On the other hand, If you order a fake drivers license from us, you should avoid scanning. A fake drivers license is cheaper than a real one. But it is not registered.

When I buy a passport from you, who is responsible to deliver my passport?

We send your postal address of your choice. You are to always remember to fill your postal address in our application forms. Postal services in our use include: DHL, EMS, UPS, and FEDEX.

After Writing the IELTS exams and having my results, Can I still subscribe for better results on your service.

Yes, we can update your IELTS results. You will have to give us every information including your candidate number, center number and candidate ID. Feel free to buy you IELTS results here. tell us your desired score.

What if I don't write the IELTS test?

You do not necessarily have to write the IELTS test. You can just apply through us and buy your IELTS results directly. We are available every time. Just contact us on this website and have your desired scores.

If I get an international job from you, will you equally provide me with a visa?

The job and the visa are two separate packages. We can arrange to get you a job and let you follow up your visa with the embassy. the job letter will facilitate the embassy procedure. This also works for Canadian LMIA jobs. However, we can also proceed to contract you a visa to your job detination.

Can you show me examples of your satisfied clients?

Oh no. I will not show your information to another client without your permission. Also, I cannot expose other clients to you. Moreover, people who are satisfied always send us more clients. Half of our clients are recommended individually.

If the document I get from you expires, is it possible for me to renew it?

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I Made an error filling the application form, How can I correct It?

Send a complain to our agents as quickly as you can. You can complain through the whatsapp link on this website, or you can also complain through the contact form at the bottom of most pages.

If I buy a fake ID Card from your agents, can I just add to the price difference and get a real one?

Not possible, you can get a discount as a regular client. However, each purchase is independent. When you make several purchases or come for a renewal, we can give you VIP discounts.

I got a ban on my driver licence, Will your new drivers license uplift my ban?

Yes, our government contacts are responsible for making this happen. This is why our new driver licence offers are registered in government database systems.

Will it cost less to correct just my IELTS writing score than it will take to buy the whole IELTS CERTIFICATE?

Not at all. To get your IELTS score registered in the testing services database is going to cost just as much as changing just a single score. Buy IELTS Certificates here and all your scores shall be registered

Which type of IELTS certificates can I buy on this website? General or Accademic

If you need an IELTS certificate, our friendly customer service shall direct you on how to apply. You can buy IELTS academic for school purposes or IELTS general for work and general purposes. When you buy your IELTS exams, we certify you through British council, IDP or Cambridge. Its all depends on what you need.

Can I still get a resident permit without leaving up to 92 days in the country?

With us, you can get a resident permit even before getting into the new country of residence. That is why this is called a backdoor process. Just contact us through this website and say exactly what you want. We are here at your service.

I want to change my complete identity, which documents will I need first?

The first document you will need for your new identity is a new birth certificate and a new ID card. With a new ID card, you can proceed to buy a new passport or drivers license, depending on which you need first. You can equally order all four documents at once.

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Frequently asked questions on buy documents online
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