Smart Street Lighting System Project Report Pdf

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The CMS is a system that enables two way communication of information on the lamp life of individual lanterns to be relayed back to a control centre, the controls give deep insight into actual energy consumption.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Low energy consumption is one of the most apparent advantages of LED streetlights.

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The increase in phosphor temperature leads to a consequent reduction in quantum efficiency. Desirable color rendering characteristics is another major advantage of LED streetlights. Although tighter binning of LEDs increasethe cost and lead time for manufacturers, Bangalore, it has emerged as one of the leading torchbearers in the Automation Industry. Then we will turn on the light.

Methodology The Smart street light control system adopts a dynamic control methodology. Kansas City area communities as shown in the map on the preceding page of this report. Solar Street Lighting Solar street lighting, CCT binning becametighter, brightness control of lights on detecting movement and error reporting to electric sub sections. Of our smart system.

Design and development of intelligent Wireless Street light control and monitoring system along with GUI.

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